About Bryan

Hi, I’m Bryan. Welcome to my corner of the web.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m very passionate about photography and that’s what I write about most on this site. I tend to favor outdoor, travel and astrophotography. But when it comes to shooting and creating, any genre is fair game.

How I got started with photography

I got interested in photography at a fairly young age. In my early twenties, I was given a cheap point and shoot camera that sat unused for months. Eventually, on a whim, I took it with me on a walk one early evening. After a few minutes of walking I saw a lake that was being framed nicely by a tree and it’s branches. I shot the frame and didn’t think more about it.

When I got home I was curious to see how the camera did so I pulled the photos off the camera and onto my computer. The first thing I noticed wasn’t the lake or the tree neatly framing the lake. It was the colorful reflections in the lake. When I realized that a still lake could act like a mirror, I was completely hooked on what else I could create.

That day would kick off years of learning about light, photography and cameras. I was obsessed with learning everything I could.

As I progressed, I graduated to better cameras, more equipment and gear. I learned what made a good photo, how to work with light and the reasons why some photos were more appealing than others.

Twenty years later and I’m still as hooked as ever.


I’ve been fortunate to have my photos published in a wide variety of places. A number of my photos have been featured in large publications as well as sold to and currently hanging in the offices of several large companies.

My most recent photos appear in the book Louisville, Then and Now.


My day job is as a software engineer. I specialize in C# and Python development.

I published my first Mystery novel in 2018, which can be purchased here: Murder in Magic City

I’m a huge sports fan and regularly follow baseball (Dodgers) and European soccer (Barcelona FC).

I enjoy language learning. I speak Spanish at a high level (B2 on the CEFR scale) and I’m learning French currently.