Murder in Magic City

A Connor Cole Mystery, book #1

Connor Cole spent years running his company in corporate America before losing everything. After moving to Miami to escape his old life, Connor starts working as a private investigator and taking the occasional consulting gig for the FBI with his on again, off again, girlfriend Sofia.

When FBI Special Agent Matthew Banks tells Connor that he would like him to look into a break-in at his friends' company in downtown Miami, Connor gets much more than he bargained for including a dead body and accused of murder. Will Connor be able to figure out who is behind it and why, before it's too late?

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Reviews of Murder in Magic City

"Great story, well written." - Micheal N. via GoodReads
"This book is the first published mystery novel by the author. It is a wonderful debut and a great first book in what promises to be a fun series." - James K. via GoodReads
"Murder in Magic city is a must book for this year. The characters are amazingly written and the story is catching, isn't that the best combination?" - Clara B. via Amazon
"This was fun trying to figure out 'who dunnit?" Main characters were likeable and real (not unbelievable super heroes as in some novels I've read). There are many reasons why I enjoyed the book but can't expand on them for fear of telling too much and spoiling it for future readers. I recommend you buy it and find out for yourself - you just may be surprised!" - Connie M. via Amazon
"Such a great summer read! I really enjoyed this book and learning more about Miami. I look forward to more Connor Cole adventures!" -RT via Amazon
"Great book, I really enjoyed the characters!" - Julia S. via Amazon